Technical Seo Services

Our experts know which potential issues can harm your SEO results, so we fix it before they occur!

You Need A Technical SEO Assistant!

If you are not getting desired results even after running SEO campaigns.Most people don’t understand why they are not getting good results in terms of website ranking, traffic and engagement even after running SEO campaigns for months. And there comes the need of SEO experts who know exactly what went wrong and how to fix it.

Our SEO experts perform a complete technical audit on your website to detect the potential issues related to crawlability, page loading speed,coding errors, irrelevant meta tags and descriptions, content duplicity and more.

Our professionals understand which tweak can deliver maximizedSEO results, taking your website to the next level.

What makes us stand out from other SEO and Digital Marketing Agencies is that we use advanced SEO techniques and tools that provide us with information that is deeper, richer and 100% accurate.

Based on this information and our research and analysis insights, we build unique SEO strategies and solutions that can keep you ahead of the competition.

Our Technical SEO Services

Crawl Analysis

Page Loading Speed Analysis

Duplicate Content Check

Image Optimization

Meta Description Optimization

Internal Links Structure


Website Structure

Sitemap Creation

101 Redirection

Analytics & Tracking

Web Console Analysis

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Our Process and Methodology

Through our deep analysis and testing across the website, we ensure our SEO practices are going well and are sure to deliver good results. With the rising competition, brands are using every possible way to outshine the competition in all aspects.

At We4Digital, we use new and advanced technologies that can match the search engine algorithms and never lack behind in satisfying our clients with impressive results.

Whether it’s a new website we are designing for you, or you have already got one, we ensure to keep it technically optimized, so it can go well with our SEO practices.

How Do We Work?

Go through this step by step process to understand our process and methodology.

1. Crawl Analysis

The most crucial part of Search Engine Optimization is to ensure that the search engines can crawl the pages of your website. But due to some technical errors, it can be difficult for the search engines to access your website pages and track their structure to verify if it matches with the On-Page SEO Guidelines.

Our SEO team do the proper indexing, create the XML Sitemap and provide useful recommendations to ensure the spider crawling is done effectively.

2. Page Loading Speed Optimization

If you want to get good rankings in search engines, your website pages should load under 3 seconds. If they are taking more time than usual to load, there are high chances that you may lose the search engine authority as well as the website traffic and conversions.

On the other hand, the search engine rewards websites that load faster.

We use standard tools and software to collect the data of your website and fix the issues with actionable steps to getting the ball rolling again. It helps in three ways –

  • Improves page loading speed
  • Boosts the TTFB (Time to First Byte) rates
  • Reduces the bounce rates.
3. Website Migration & Redirection

Whether it’s about moving your old website to a new platform, change its domain name, update the URL structure, shifting it to the secured HTTPS server, or doing page redirections, it needs to be done very carefully as one wrong mistake can cause you a huge loss in terms of data, SERPs, traffic and more.

We have successfully migrated more than 50 websites, over the years we assure to retain through flawless redirection and migration while improving your search engine visibility, domain authority, user engagement and results.

4. Site Architecture

We design your website in such architecture that it tends to boost the crawlability, visibility and user-engagement of your website. It also enables users to navigate through your website easily which results in better conversions.

5. Coding Improvements

The process becomes quick and easy as we know what exactly we need to check in the website code while performing this technical audit. To ensure easy tracking through analytics and web search console, we can also help developers to implement the right code and the right place on the webpage structure.


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We4Digital started out managing our SEO efforts, but their scientific approach to digital marketing and the results they have achieved made it an easy decision for us to hand over the management of our numerous other digital channels, including; paid search & paid social.
Jemma Stone


The team at We4Digital are a pleasure to work with. They really have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to new initiatives in the world of digital marketing. Through their work we feel we have been very early adopters of every new digital advertising option and as a result have stayed ahead of our competition and seen great returns.

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We4Digital Did an excellent job handling the Digital marketing of our web site. Chetan and his team made sure I was updated throughout the process and gave me insight to help make my web page more user friendly for my customers. I would highly recommend We4Digital if you are looking to build your brand online or just in need of web design.

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